Who we help

Who we help

Starting a Business

Starting a business can be exciting and daunting process as there are legal, financial and tax considerations which must be taken into account. We can help individuals take this step confident knowing that they have covered all the necessary requirements and have appropriately structured their business correctly from the outset.

Sole Traders

Many individuals starting a business do so as Sole Traders as this is the simplest form of legal business structure. However, as with all forms of business structure there are benefits as well as downsides which are why numerous individuals have sought our advice before starting their business.


Partnerships are an attractive for of business structure however, there are important considerations to take into account such as having a robust ‘Partnership Agreement’ from the outset to manage the business relationship between the various Partners. We have extensive experience in providing bespoke Partnership Agreements and all associated advice to would-be business Partners.

Limited Companies

Limited Companies are by far the most used business structure. The key advantage of limited liability is attractive to most people as the limited company is a legal entity in its own right thereby giving both Directors and shareholders legal protections. Most of our Clients starting new businesses use our quick and inexpensive Company Incorporation services to form their company and use our accountancy services from inception.

Property Landlords

We have a number of property landlord Clients who use our accountancy services to better manage their portfolios in the most tax advantageous manner. Changing tax laws relating to multiple property ownership either as individuals, partnerships or limited companies require careful consideration in order to avoid unnecessary tax payments. Let our tax experts assist you manage your property folios in the most tax efficient manner.

Contractors & Freelancers

Tax laws relating to Contractors and Freelancers have been constant under scrutiny by HMRC over the last few years. These changes have meant our expertise has been sought by numerous individuals wanting to ensure they remain fully compliant.

Closing a Business

Owners face many important financial and legal issues when closing their business. We provide business owners with expertise in examining the various options open to owners especially when facing financial business pressures.